Client profile

The Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) is a world-leading research institute committed to improving health and quality of life. With over 60 researchers producing world-leading research from within laboratory through to in the community, the institute has a strong growth agenda focussed on delivering a healthier society.

Project context

IPAN sought help developing its next three-year strategic plan. This included considering how it could have the most impact moving forward, as well as how to sustain and build on its growth. Initial work focussed on developing a vision, with the follow-up engagement looking at how it could bring all staff along the journey, and create clear and compelling implementation and operational plans for the next 18 months.


To achieve this, Spark established a series of working groups from across the organisation to develop detailed implementation plans within each stream of the strategy. This provided staff with ownership, as well as a practical and effective approach to engaging all staff through peer consultation. Each working group ran through a defined process involving two workshops, plus mentoring and coaching, to develop strategic activities.  

The role of Spark was as much about capability building within the institute as it was about developing the content. Through this approach, Spark exposed over 30 researchers and leaders within the institute to an operational planning process. Spark also designed the structure and tools for capturing content and then provided the capability to work with peers to help populate and develop the operational planning detail.

The outcome was an agreed set of strategic actions that align with the strategy and talk to how IPAN will deliver to its objectives over the next three years.







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