Better Impact: Northern Rivers Housing’s Story

Author: George Liacos

Better Impact: Northern Rivers Housing’s Story

Northern Rivers Housing has one goal; to provide homes that improve the lives and communities of Australians.

Led by Craig Brennan and his passionate team, Northern Rivers Housing has spent years building not just homes, but futures, for those in need.

This isn’t just about bricks and mortar; it’s about creating lasting change, strengthening communities, and offering a hand up to those facing challenging circumstances.

The organisation’s reach is expansive, managing over 900 properties and supporting 1,700 tenancies. Their commitment is not just to provide a roof over one’s head, but to offer a stable foundation for a better life.

Northern Rivers Housing caters to a wide range of needs, from social and affordable housing to temporary accommodation and disaster response.

The heart of NRH’s mission is their dedication to supporting those with low to moderate incomes and those facing specific challenges.

Their services extend to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, people grappling with mental illnesses, those in recovery, victims of domestic violence, and young people.

Their support also goes beyond just housing; it’s about offering a lifeline, a sense of security, and a pathway to stability.

Each tenancy managed by Northern Rivers Housing tells a unique story of resilience and hope. Take, for example, a young mother escaping domestic violence, who found not just a safe place to live but a community that supported her journey towards independence. Or consider an elderly couple with disabilities who, through support from Northern Rivers Housing, were able to remain in their beloved community, living with dignity and peace.

It is no wonder why Northern Rivers Housing stands out as a leading not-for-profit organisation with a clear vision: to be at the forefront of innovative housing services.

The past 18 months have been transformative for Northern Rivers Housing. With a new CEO at the helm, the organisation has grown in size, scope, and revenue. This growth is not just about numbers; it’s about enhancing their capacity to serve the community better.

As they expand, Northern Rivers Housing is also focusing on solidifying their organisational values. This effort ensures that every team member embodies the principles of fairness, transparency, and responsiveness that Northern Rivers Housing is known for.

This is where Spark Strategy jumped in. Over the last 3 months, Spark facilitated online and in-person workshops to help Northern Rivers re-design their values, beliefs and behaviours, with an organisational-wide survey to draw additional, qualitative insights.

The workshop was fun and engaging and employees had robust conversations about what type of organisation they wanted to work for, in order to better serve their communities. The result was a new set of co-designed values, beliefs and behaviours with buy-in from the staff and management.

The journey of Northern Rivers Housing is one of continuous growth and adaptation. As they look to the future, their commitment to providing quality, long-term, and affordable housing remains unwavering. They are not just building homes; they are nurturing communities, supporting dreams, and fostering a sense of belonging. For Northern Rivers Housing, the future holds the promise of further innovation, deeper community ties, and an ever-expanding impact.

In every home they manage, in every life they touch, Northern Rivers Housing is a testament to the power of compassionate, community-driven support. They are more than a housing provider; they are a cornerstone of hope and resilience in regional New South Wales and Spark Strategy feels privileged to have helped them along on this journey.

Learn more about Northern Rivers Housing here.

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