Client profile and project

SEMPHN are one of six Primary Health Networks (PHNs) in Victoria, and 31 PHNs across Australia, with around 1.5 million residents in their catchment. Reporting to an independent Board, they are funded primarily by the Australian Government to help people in southeast Melbourne get the health care they need, when and where they need it.

In November 2022, SEMPHN engaged Spark Strategy (Spark) to help them develop an operating model that would shift the organisation to being more customer-centric. 

Project context (Problem to be solved)

SEMPHN had undergone a strategic refresh in 2022. A priority for the term of the strategy was to redefine their operating model. Specifically, they wanted an operating model to help them grow and deliver on your strategy  and to shift from a functional project and siloed-driven organisation to a customer-centric service and connected organisation.


The project and strategic considerations

Spark led the engagement with SEMPHN through a design thinking process. Some of the steps involved are articulated below:

  • Created an overarching and high-level customer journey map and architecture that align how core services provide value to our customers and deliver on our strategic outcomes 
  • Developed a stakeholder map of customers and key partners
  • Using the value proposition canvas designed a value proposition for each stakeholder
  • Co-designed a business model around key value propositions
  • Using the POLISM framework co-designed an Operating Model
Artefacts Delivered
  • Value Proposition statements for each key stakeholder + capability building
  • A new Business model based on customer-centricity
  • An Operating Model
  • Identified foundational strategic projects providing a logical and staged process for building the targeted operating model 


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