The Value of Evergreen Content: An Introductory Guide

By November 12, 2014Digital


Evergreen content is a concept that can help drive the production of material by an individual or organisation when they begin to think about updating their marketing strategy into the digital space.

There are some definitive principles to producing excellent content that ties into a digital marketing strategy; in this post I want to define and elucidate the value of evergreen content.



What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is typically an article or blog that is targeted to a specific keyword topic and is then built around that topic. Through using this method an author can create highly specific and streamlined content. Yet this is not where the value lies, instead this process also targets a post to show up in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing (Google will be used as the default from this point on).

This search engine visibility is incredibly valuable because if you can target the right keyword then a blog post becomes a ‘digital asset’ that sits in the cloud and consistently brings visitors to your companies website, ad infinitum in the same way online advertising may.

Your ONLY investment is the time that is put into drafting and publishing the written content.

Preparing Evergreen Content

When you first set out to create evergreen content first you have understand that:

  1. The post or article is not a passion project
  2. Keep it between 400 – 1500 words
  3. The post should be targeted, specific and optimised around a keyword
  4. The keyword should not be too difficult to rank high in Google
  5. The keyword should have a search volume of at least 120 searches per year
  6. The content should not be a reaction to pop culture or contemporary news so that it will continue to bring unique visitors to your website for the foreseeable future

However you must strike the balance of:

Calculated keyword targeted posts with an optimised SEO structure.


Posts that are insightful, valuable and authentic to the core values of your business.

Example of Preparing an Evergreen Post

  1. Search Various Relevant Keywords
  • List a number of phrases and ensure that keywords fit into the core value proposition of your organisation and that you have experience and a unique perspective on them
  • Use the Google suggestions of similar searches at the bottom for these keywords to find more that may be relevant to our organisation
  • List everything! You can cut down your list later.


  1. Find the Search Volume of the Keywords
  • There are many free resources that can allow you to find this information.
  • The best in our experience is Google Keyword planner.
  • If you are interested in a premium resource with more data then the HubSpot Keyword Tool is also extremely effective.


  1. Research the competitiveness and difficulty of ranking for the various keywords
  • Again the Google Keyword planner will allow you to find this data


  1. Choose the keyword that has the easiest difficulty to rank and the highest search volume

Specific Evergreen Content Marketing Example

This example from a previous blog by Spark Strategy: “Integrating a digital Marketing plan with email marketing” was based around a specific keyword:

Keyword: Digital Marketing Plan

Search Volume: 480 per year

Difficulty: 71/100 (as assessed by the HubSpot Keyword Tool)

If you can find a blog with similar search volume and preferably an even easier difficulty then a single blog post could potential bring 480 unique visitors to your website in a year just from a free 500 word blog.

Imagine if you produced just ten blogs a year like this, that would equate to 4,800 visitors to your website, for no financial cost.

Not all keywords that you target will be as highly searched or as easy to rank in search engines for as the example keyword provided in this example. Clearly one also has to consider the possibility that there may not be as many immediately attractive keywords that are relevant to your organsiation.

In this case you just have to be more creative with digging to find your keywords and linking them to the core value proposition of your website. However if you are in a niche industry there may be even more attractive keywords that no other organisation has begun to target.


As a marketing tool, content marketing has been proven to be extremely valuable and serves as a holistic organisational strategic approach to marketing. Evergreen content sits under this as an approach to guaranteeing unique and consistent engagement from the market with your organisation over a long-time period of time.

The value of evergreen content is that with an investment of time (and no capital) an organisation can see significant dividends – unique website visitors, consistent lead generation and potentially more sales!

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