In League with the Intrapreneurs

Do you believe that a sustainable future is not a utopian ideal, but an achievable goal?

You’re not alone.

League of Intrapreneurs logoIntrapreneurs are the ones who want to change things from the inside. In our increasingly connected world, there is strength in numbers. The League of Intrapreneurs wants to connect the changemakers, enabling large scale social impact and innovation. There are chapters all over the world, and Spark Strategy are committed to making the Australian LOI as successful as it can possibly be.

That’s why Spark’s Associate Director Felicity Green is working together with Janett Egber from NAB to lead the LOI movement here in Melbourne. Janett, herself a committed intrapreneur, is deeply passionate about the opportunity we have to connect, support and encourage Aussie intrapreneurs to make a positive impact to society.

League of IntrapreneursTo that end, last month we held a successful co-design workshop with a select group of participants who are leading change and innovation within their own organisations, or who are supporting and enabling intrapreneurs. The aim was to discuss and identify where we can take the Melbourne LOI, together with Brian Kurtz from the Global LOI, who visited from overseas to provide an overview of what’s happening with the movement around the world. It was a great first step, deepening our mutual capacity for change and fostering meaningful connections.

We’ll be doing more work around the LOI in future – if this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, get in touch.


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