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Unearthing Ideas for Long Term Success

Our Story

Spark Strategy comprises a bunch of serial entrepreneurs and strategists, keen to harness the power of ideas in mobilising organisations to revitalise the world of possibility. We are an eclectic team, bringing cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience to drive creative thinking. We have done the consulting rounds, working with clients of all sizes, and within advisory firms from the largest to sole practitioners. We have worked across borders and industries but don’t claim to be the expert in any. Our style is to work with you to uncover the ideas.

Our Approach

Spark Strategy works with leaders who are as excited by ideas as we are, who want to take action and transform. And we stick with you to achieve outcomes, favouring long-term relationships over draft and dash plans. Our approach is highly interactive and all about bringing energy into the process through team-based workshops and activities that spark moments of discovery. We do the heavy lifting behind the scenes, stretching and probing the ideas before rigorously planning out the execution with you and building the organisational stamina required for your transformation. We employ both traditional consulting tools (without the consultant-speak) and creative tools to help unearth ideas that are practical yet innovative.

What We Do

Innovative Business and Funding Models

The revenue or funding model is important but in order to achieve funding sustainability and viability, you’ve got to get the business model right and the funding model will follow. At Spark, we interrogate both and generate a model, which is right for your business. We then plan a roadmap, which defines how we’re going to get there.


We’re in this for the long haul. No draft and dash plans. We build stamina for sustained action. We’re here for the endless possibilities of what might come next. At Spark, it’s those moments when the client refers us on to their friends and suggests we should be able to make a difference that we know we’re building something special.


Let the intuitive ideas flow before applying traditional strategy tools. The process begins with an exploration of possibilities through collaboration, conversations that spark curiosity and create room for intuition to flourish. We’re serious about change. We’re for those leaders who want to take action and transform, the leaders who look to harness the power of possibility and think beyond “same as last year plus a bit more please.”

Strategic Thinking

We believe myopic thinking has killed strategic thinking. Short-term thinking is a straightjacket, restricting the mind from exploring endless possibilities. At Spark Strategy, we’re bringing strategic thinking back to life. If ideas are given the chance to flourish, change happens. That’s why our work is highly interactive and centered around conversation and team-based activities. We know you’ve got the ideas. We help you uncover them.

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Our Style

We’re here to help with creative ideas, rigorous testing, pragmatic planning and execution of each transformation and we do this in a special way. Here is what you can expect of Spark.

Bespoke Solutions

We always tailor our approach to deliver bespoke solutions. At Spark, we don’t come to our clients with a predetermined solution for their particular problem. We get to truly understand your organisation and work with you to created solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Tough Love

We’re straight shooters who offer useful truths rather than telling you what you want to hear. This is our tough love approach. It can mean an uncomfortable journey, but one that is necessary to build long-term vitality and viability. It’s about being authentic. We will challenge you to realize your potential.

Spark and Dynamism

We deliver innovative yet practical solutions  and we ensure that the model is executable. As a people-focused organisation ourselves, we care about your satisfaction and success. Furthermore we have the industry experience and business acumen to gain insights, draw connections and drive and deliver improvements.

Our Team

We value quality over quantity so we’re selective about our team. We don’t sacrifice our values. We care about our culture, the work we produce and the solutions we create.  We’re for sparking brighter futures for our clients and the societies in which we live. Is this you?

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