A Big Win For Mental Health Reform

This is big.

On the 26th of November 2015 Malcolm Turnbull and Health Minister Sussan Ley announced a massive mental health system reform.

The government has endorsed key technology and sustainability recommendations laid out in a report delivered by the Mental Health Commission and co-authored by the Young and Well CRC and Spark Strategy.

At the center of this reform is the blueprint for a sustainable model that shifts from a one-size-fits-all model towards individualised care. Care designed for, managed with and controlled by each person, suiting their own needs and managed within the community context.

This blueprint for a universal, individualised, mental health system rests on the integration of transformative technologies with face-to-face services, all within a vision for an innovative and sustainable model.

This report included several recommendations such as:

An online gateway

No longer will people have to wait in queues or on hold to access the mental heath system. A single online platform filled with every resource will be available for everyone.

A centralised phone line

Rather than trying to find which of the 30 help lines are most appropriate, there will be one number for anyone to call. From there they can be redirected to more specific services.

A renewed approach to suicide prevention

Today, people at a high-risk of suicide are discharged from hospital with zero support. Now, people will be taken care of with personalised care programs tailored to them specifically,

The government has strongly endorsed these recommendations and the project has now moved from the scoping & research phase to action.

We can expect a streamlined system that’s designed to be accessible and easy to navigate.

Breaking down the barriers faced by those who suffer from a mental illness is the top priority.

We’re excited to see what this reform will lead to in the coming years and privileged to be part of the process.